Moremale delays cell death by preventing Cellular Appoptosis. It delays sexual aging. It facilitates erection by increasing blood flow. It relaxes the veins. By making sawron more ready and useful for the body, it increases sexual function. Thanks to Vitamin D, it regulates the absorption and use of Calcium and Phosphorus. It increases the defense power of the immune system. It contributes greatly to the development of brain functions. It is effective in prostatism complaints.

By making testosterone more ready and useful for the body, it increases sexual function, speeds up the communication between the brain and genital organs naturally. Energy and support materials required for the body
slows aging by preventing cellular apoptosis.

With the Synergistic Effect of its Substances;
* Prevents andropause
* Increases Libido and Provides Safe Erection.
* Reduces Fatigue and Aging.
* Provides improvement in Brain Functions.
* It has the effect of increasing the resistance and support in the body.
* Provides improvement in prostatism complaints.
* Because it contains natural active ingredients,
It does not show side effects like products containing chemical raw materials.

Urology Specialist / Medical Director

After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Isparta, he studied Medicine at Ege University Faculty of Medicine. After completing his compulsory service in Tokat, he specialized in Urology at Fırat University Urology Department.

After working as a Urology Specialist and Manager in the public sector between 2003-2006 and in various private sector organizations between 2006-2016, he has been serving his patients in his private clinic since 2016.

He is a member of Turkish Urology Association, Turkish Andrology Association, Turkish Endo Urology Association, Urological Surgery Association. It provides service registered to Bursa Medical Chamber.

In line with the intense requests received in 2018, as the fruit of its knowledge, experience and research; "Would you like your child a Girl? Is it a man? He wrote a book called "".

He has researches and studies on Complementary Medicine and Phytotherapy for about 10 years. He has been working on Herbal Chemical Formulas for various indications in consultation with the relevant departments of Istanbul Yeditepe University and Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy.

Since 2020, he has been the Medical Director of Astranatura

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